Valentine's Gift Idea

Valentine's Gift Idea

This year, Valentine's day falls right in the middle of the week. Being parents of a small team of kids, you could say going out for a romantic dinner will not be on the top of our to do list. When you have so many kids and are unable to get a babysitter ($$$$), staying in is pretty much your only option. However, there are still ways to make the best of the night.

My sister actually gave me this gift idea. (In all honesty, it was her Christmas gift to my husband and I but I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you as a potential Valentine's gift).


Find a nice basket, (it could even be one that you have already) and start filling it up with things that you and your partner can enjoy that evening. Start with a nice blanket, then add a bottle of wine, some popcorn, chocolates and a game. You really could add anything to it that you think would make your night more special wink, wink.


Once the kids are in bed, set up your blanket with your wine and goodies and enjoy a game night with your love.



If you're feeling extra romantic/ambitious, you can also make a festive dinner.
My suggestion would be homemade heart shaped burgers with a side of heart shaped potatoes. Find out how here.