Valentine's Day Lunch Idea #3

Valentine's Day Lunch Idea #3

This last lunch that I've created is super fun and probably my favourite of the 3. My daughter said that the kids at school basically swarmed her to see what she was eating. I mean, what kid wouldn't be excited about a lunch covered in sprinkles?

For this lunch you need:


  • bagel
  • cream cheese
  • strawberry jam
  • Valentine's sprinkles
  • carrot
  • watermelon
  • small heart shaped cookie cutter

To start, spread your cream cheese on one half of the bagel, and jam on the other half.


Put the two pieces back together and cut the bagel in half.


Take each half and spread the cut ends with cream cheese.


Dip each end into your Valentine's sprinkles.


Next, take your carrot and cut two diagonal lines that join in the middle to get a triangle type shape from the top.


Slice the carrot horizontally to create little carrot hearts.


Next up, take your watermelon and slice horizontally so you have watermelon rounds. Don't slice too thick because you're going to need to get your cookie cutter through.


Finally, take your small heart shaped cookie cutter and cut hearts out of the watermelon slices.


I also added some snacks to enjoy. Strawberry wafer cookies, a Valentine's chocolate, yogurt tube, cheese string and cut-out cucumbers ("scraps" from lunch idea number 2 here)

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