Our First Drive-In Movie

Our First Drive-In Movie

Well it is officially summer and we started it off right by crossing an item off of our Summer Bucket List. We decided to end our first day of summer with a trip to the drive-in theatre!


Being a large family, movies can get quite expensive. Not to mention having youngish kids, taking them to a theatre can be tricky (talking, multiple potty breaks, etc.). This was the absolute best movie experience!


On Thursday nights, our local drive-in theatre offers movies for $20 a carload. They have different deals on different days of the week, but this one worked out to be the most economical choice for us. Check out your local theatres for deals, I'm sure most offer them.


We are not the type of people to "rough it", so instead of just loading the van with blankets and lawn chairs, we threw a mattress in as well. (I'm all about being comfortable - even though I had a kid on my lap the whole movie, but the mattress made it more bearable).


We even brought the dog along which the kids thought was the best thing ever!


We arrived about an hour before show time because we weren't sure how busy it was going to be, but we found a spot no problem. Since we had some time to kill before the movie started, we took the kids to the park that they had there.


Let me tell you, this park was so old school and brought back so many amazing memories! I'm pretty sure my kids have never seen a teeter-totter before this, and because of that, my oldest may have possibly flug my youngest off before she figured out how to use it properly. (Don't worry, he didn't fall that hard and wasn't hurt).


They had the retro music playing as well, and honestly, it was magical. I loved everything about the pre-show experience.


When it was time for the movie to start, we all piled into our sweet set-up. One thing I didn't think about was mosquitoes. They were quite annoying, but after a while we got used to them. I'm pretty sure we still have some flying around our van today. The concession stand actually sold mosquito repellant which I thought was pretty amazing.


We cuddled up all together and had an amazing night. The kids were so well behaved and managed to stay up until 11:45pm when the movie was done. Needless to say, they all slept in the next day!!! (However, I personally don't recommend keeping your children up until 12:30am just so they sleep an extra hour and a half in the morning - not all the time anyway).


I can't wait to take the kids again. I think this is the only way we'll be seeing movies on the big screen from now on. We're all hooked!