No Spend Week Recap

No Spend Week Recap

I wanted to do a quick recap of how our No Spend Week went.
The first few days were great, however, by day 3 I realized that I did not meal plan properly. For example, I bought 2 dozen eggs which I thought would be enough, but I ended up baking unexpectedly which used up some of my planned egg meals. That meant that I had to ration the rest to make it to the end of the challenge without going grocery shopping. By day 7 we had no fruit left in the house which is a big deal because my kids love their bananas and apples (again, didn't plan properly for how many they actually eat).


When we came to day 4, my husband informed me that he needed to go buy dog food. This was the only time we spent and I was not happy about it. Dog food is his responsibility and I was annoyed that he didn't think to look at how much we had left before our challenge started.
(Editor (husbands) note: Because he was too busy working/ dare he. Not to mention, this was my idea, and I didn't really ask him, more so, just pushed it onto him and my entire family. So...all in all, it was ok.)

Finally let's talk about the kids. They rarely ask to spend money on anything. But of course, our no spend week was when one wanted to buy pizza at school (even though it's a weekly thing, and she hadn't asked any weeks prior), my other daughter wanted to buy a book at school, and my youngest wanted toy trucks and badgered me everyday to take him to buy one.

The best part of this was when my daughter actually came home from school with one of the books she wanted to buy. I asked her how she got it and she said that her friend gave it to her. I told her she needed to give it back because the parents wouldn't be too happy and that her friend shouldn't have made that decision, and she informed me that the girl's mom actually sent in a note with the book to the teacher to say that my daughter could have it. I am absolutely mortified because I'm pretty sure my daughter has told everyone in class that we don't have anymore money (KIDS!!!).
The next time we do a challenge like this I will be sure to explain to my kids that we still HAVE money, but we're just choosing not to spend it unless absolutely necessary.

In conclusion, this No Spend Week was very eye opening. We definitely saved quite a bit of money by not going to the drive-thru for coffee, and by not making multiple trips to the grocery store. We also ended up using quite a bit of food that we had in our freezer that needed to be eaten. Overall, this was a great challenge.


In a few weeks we will be trying a No Spend MONTH. It will obviously have some different rules because there are bills and other expenses that need to be paid, but we will definitely be more conscious of what we are spending our money on and cutting back on the unnecessary spending. There will be a post coming up shortly with how I plan to do a no spend month. Stay tuned.