No Spend Challenge (1 Week)

No Spend Challenge (1 Week)

I was invited to do a "No Spend Challenge" for the month of March by my friend Kelsey from Kelsey Diane Blog (she always seems to be talking me into something, doesn't she?) however, March is a pretty busy month with our wedding anniversary, March break and our oldest daughters birthday, that a whole month of no spending doesn't seem possible right now. So instead, I'm going to start smaller with a no spend week instead.

If this goes well, I will try and make April a no spend month (which would work out great to help save some money for my trip to Tulsa in May).

So, for the week of March 5th - March 11th, we as a family are going to try and not spend a single cent. That means I will need to have myself organized and meals planned so I can buy all of the groceries ahead of time. We won't be eating out at all that week (not even buying coffee). I'll make sure that both vehicles have a full tank of gas. And we won't be doing any other shopping (not even on Amazon).

I think that a week is a good way to test out how a month will go. Hopefully I will learn some things about our spending habits as well.

Do you think you could ever do a "no spend challenge"? If you don't think you could commit to a month, why not try a week with me. I've even included a printable tracker below. Let's try and save some money!


Click here for printable