National Donut Day 2018

National Donut Day 2018

It's National Donut Day!!!

Let's be real here dough, there is more than one "National Donut Day" in this house (ex. my birthday, Mother's Day, Saturdays) but this is actually an "official" day.

This day is basically my "Christmas". This is my day to celebrate all things "holey". It's such a big deal, that even the kids had the day off of school today (it may have actually been so the teachers could write report cards but that's something we may never know for sure).

Since this is such a special day, the kids and I dressed in our "donut best". Aren't we just adoughrable? (However, the fact that only one of my children has an actual donut shirt is a problem that I will need to fix immediately).


I took all 4 kids out to the grocery store to see and smell all of the fresh baked "doughlights" and pick which ones we wanted.


We were all a bit overwhelmed by the sweet, sweet smell and the variety that was still available, that our eyes may have glazed over.


In the end, we narrowed it down to 12 that we wanted to bring back to our doughmain and try.


This year, Tim Horton's was offering a breakfast sandwich made on a donut! You bet your Timbits I was all over that. I actually picked one up on my way home from the store. Going through the donut shop drive-thru with donuts on the seat beside me...I donut see a problem here, do you? (Donut judge me)


After our morning adventure, we made a trip to the library. While we were there, an email came though with a coupon from another local grocery store for buy 1 pack of donuts and get 1 pack free. I am all about deals and donuts so donut mind if we do. We went over and picked up a package of regular glazed donuts as well as a package of mini donuts. After lunch, the kids had a mini donut party on the back deck.


I was so inspired by my donut breakfast sandwich, that we actually had donut "buns" for our burgers at dinner as well. The donuts were quite a bit smaller than the burgers, but donut get me wrong, it was an amazing combination that was still much enjoyed. (Please donut judge my diet)


After dinner, we obviously had to have a donut tasting party. We couldn't even decide on a favorite, they were all so good! All of our abdoughmens were happy!



Now we are in a sugar coma, reminiscing about all of the joy that donuts have brought to our lives, because this unfortunately will be it for a while. As much as we love donuts, and I do mean LOVE, it's time to get back to healthier food choices. Donut worry though, you better believe we will still be celebrating this annually.


Thank goodness it's Fried Dough, I adough you all, and I hope you enjoyed your fair doughsage of donuts!