March Break Ideas (on a Budget)

March Break Ideas (on a Budget)

March Break starts in less than a week (4 days to be exact). I have so many other things going on (painting my room, planning my daughter's 10th birthday party, getting ready for our trip to Las Vegas) that I haven't given much thought to what I'm going to do with the kids...until now.

Since we do have a large family, we try to do things that are free or inexpensive because when we do go out, things can add up very quickly.


Here are a few cheap or FREE ideas for March break...

Get outside
Go for a walk, to the park, or sledding.

Visit family and/or friends
Plan a visit with some friends or family that you haven't seen in a while.

You can find a lot of craft supplies and ideas at your local dollar stores. Pick up a few things and let the kids create.

Bake/cook something
It's a great way to spend time together, plus you get some yummy food at the end.

Go to the library
Not only do they have books, computers and a playroom, but our local library offers a variety of free activities during March Break. Check your local library to see if they have anything going on.

Window shop at the mall
Like the library, during school breaks, the mall usually has free activities going on for the kids. Check your local mall to see what's happening. If nothing else, just walk around the mall (just set expectations before you go and let the kids know if you're going to be purchasing anything or not). I usually treat my kids to some popcorn and that's it.

Have a game day
Grab some board games and have some fun. You can set up little tournaments and add small prizes if you want to make it even more exciting.

Go to a restaurant with an indoor play place
Some restaurants have play parks in them. They're usually fast food restaurants with fairly inexpensive meals. You can go for lunch and let the kids play, or, if you don't want to buy full meals, eat at home first and then go and buy a coffee and some cookies or ice cream for an even cheaper time out.

Go to the movies
The movies can get fairly pricey, but Costco Canada sells movie passes which include admission and a snack for a reasonable cost. (*not sponsored)


I've used the list above to come up with a tentative schedule for the week:

Make Something Monday
For the first day of March break, I went to the dollar store and picked up some crafts for the kids to do. We will also spend some time baking and cooking together. The kids love these types of activities more than I do. The mess and chaos of making things with them is something I struggle with, but they have fun and this break is about them.

Travel Tuesday
On to the next day. We'll take a drive around town. We'll go to the library and then the mall. Afterwards we may just drive around and explore new neighbourhoods that we've never been to before.

Win It Wednesday
Since I don't want to be out of the house everyday, we'll stay home and have a day of board games. We've got many to choose from and it's something that we can all enjoy together.

Thankful Thursday
On Thursday we have plans to meet up with some friends. It will be nice to have some adult time as well as the kids will have others to play with.

Fun Friday
The last day of the break is always a celebration (we made it through the week!) On Friday we'll go out to McDonald's for lunch and to play. Perhaps if we had a really good week, we'll even go to the movies.


Do you have anything exciting planned for March Break? Let me know in the comments below.