Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve Boxes

As much as we try and teach our children that this is the season of giving and that it's not all about gifts, they are kids and they do get excited for presents. I remember as a child, the excitement of December 24th and Christmas being the next day. I'm pretty sure that some years my sister and I were so excited to open presents, that we bothered my parents until they couldn't take it anymore and just let us open our gifts on Christmas Eve instead. That kind of takes away the magic of Christmas morning though.

A few years ago, I started doing Christmas Eve boxes for the kids. Each year, they know that on Christmas Eve they get to open this one gift.


I usually put the same type of things in the boxes every year. Each of my kids get:

  • A new pair of Christmas PJ's (pre-washed so that they can wear them to bed)
  • A pair of slippers (this year it's fuzzy socks because I've learned that they never wear their slippers)
  • A small toy
  • A holiday drink cup
  • A package of hot chocolate
  • A festive bedtime snack
  • A Christmas book (which we read before bed with the hot chocolate and snack)


I love this tradition that we've created. They get the excitement of opening a gift, they all look super cute in their new PJ's, and we spend some quality time together.


Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions that you love?