Back to School Questionnaire

Back to School Questionnaire

I can't believe that another school year has begun. It feels like just yesterday that the kids were running out of school for summer break. Now we are already a week into the new school year (and one week closer to next summer break! - is it too soon to start counting that down?) and I wanted to find out a little bit more about what the kids thought of their first week.

At the end of every school year, I sit down with each of the kids and ask them some questions about their year. Once I have their answers, I email them, as well as some photos, to their personal email accounts that I set up for them when they were born. I will give them each their password when they get older so they will have a whole bunch of memories to go through and hopefully relive.

This year, not only am I going to be doing the end of year questions, but since my youngest has started school full time now, I'm going to start asking them questions at the end of their first week of school as well. Now they'll be able to compare their first weeks answers to their last week of school answers and see how much they've changed.

This also gives me some extra time with each of them to get to know them better.


I let the older kids fill the forms out in their own writing and will send a scanned copy to them so they can see how their handwriting evolves as well. These memories are precious and I hope they enjoy looking back on them.


Feel free to use this questionnaire with your kids!