Affordable Homemade Table Costume

Affordable Homemade Table Costume

Having 4 kids, Halloween can get costly. Costumes these days just seem to be going up and up in price. And the thing is, if you shop at an affordable store, your kid will probably be one of about 20 Spidermans or Princesses.

I wanted the kids to dress up as the Scooby-Doo gang this year but they weren't having any of it (party poopers), so I needed to think of other ideas that weren't going to cost a fortune.

One day I was thinking about the costumes that I wore as a child. I had some pretty epic homemade ones. I'm not the craftiest person, but there was one costume that stuck out to me that I thought I could try and replicate. I feel like it's a childhood right of passage to wear a homemade Halloween costume. Like if you never had to wear one, were you even really a kid?

And that brings us to this table costume...are you ready for it? We're throwing it WAY back here...



Not only is it pretty original (you can customize the accessories as you wish), but it's inexpensive to make and you don't even need to be particularly crafty to make it. As long as you can use a hot glue gun without burning yourself (fun fact: I can't), you can make this costume. And with the crazy weather we sometimes have on Halloween here in Canada, you can layer as many clothes underneath as you need without covering up the costume.

You'll need:


  • A large box (like a banana box - picked up for free at a local grocery store)
  • A table cloth ($1.25)
  • Plastic bowl ($1.25)
  • Fake fruit ($1.25)
  • Paper plates ($1.25 for a package but only used 2)
  • Paper cups ($1.25 for a package but only used 2)
  • Fake cupcakes ($2.50)
  • 2 fake cell phones ($1.25 each/$2.50 for both)
  • Fake flowers ($1.25)

Total cost: $12.50 (I bought all of the "café" items at the local dollar store).


First, cut the box if needed so your child's head can fit through the top while still keeping the hole small enough for the box to rest on your child's shoulders.


Next, cut a hole in the middle of the tablecloth the size of the hole in the box. (Because this dollar store tablecloth was plastic, it was see through and really big so I just folded it in half for extra coverage and to make it shorter).

Glue the tablecloth to the box at the top 4 corners.


Glue on your accessories.


Finish by putting hair in a high ponytail and sticking the flowers in the middle. That's it! The whole costume took less than 30 minutes to make.


My daughter is so excited to wear this. My oldest and I will also be part of this costume, but you'll have to stay tuned to see what we're going to be.


If you want to be a "bad parent", you can tell your kids to dance when they wear the costume and then you can tell people that you have a "Table Dancer". (Or not if you don't want severe judgement haha).

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Do you have any homemade costumes that stand out in your mind from your childhood?