30-Day Keto Challenge (Week 1 Recap)

Well, I survived the first week of my 30-day Keto Challenge. It was not without some struggles though.

I started this challenge after a weekend full of donuts, pasta, chocolate, and basically all the junk food that I could shove into my body. Because of that, the first few days were not the most pleasant. Usually when I start Keto, the adjustment isn't too bad. But this time, oh boy was I hurting. The food that I was eating was all delicious as you can see by some of the photos in this post, but the carb withdrawal was intense.


Day 1 - The sugar withdrawal was tough. I had a headache, I was grumpy, exhausted, so hungry and craving sugar, and for the first time ever, I actually felt nauseous. I had to go to bed early because I felt so horrible. But...I survived.


Day 2 - Not much better than day 1. I woke up still nauseous, still hungry, super tired (as soon as I dropped all of the kids off at school, I came home and had a nap for over an hour). I felt a bit better after the nap, but still not the best.


Day 3 - Things started to get better on day 3. I wasn't nauseous anymore, but still tired and hungry all the time. I was in the habit of snacking, so cutting myself down to 3 meals a day with no snacks and eating only between the hours of 10am-6pm was still affecting me. I had a really hard time with insomnia that night.


Day 4 - Things finally started to turn around and I started to feel better. That 3-day detox period was no joke. On day 4 I was very energetic. I had an improved focus and only had 2 meals all day. I was starting to listen to my body and not just eat for the sake of eating, but wait until I was actually hungry.


Day 5 - I actually had energy. I wasn't hungry all the time. I didn't feel like I needed a nap. I wasn't used to this. I did have a challenge on this day though. I went over to a friends place and when I got there, there was a box of Timbits sitting on the table in front of me. Donuts. My weakness. But you know what, I didn't touch any. That was a huge deal for me. And also that day on my drive home, I had my coupon and was ready to go to McDonald's (for "Keto-friendly" food), it was 2pm and I hadn't eaten yet that day, but again, I stayed strong and came home instead and made myself a quick bite to eat before I had to head out again to pick up the kids. I thought that I was feeling more clear headed as well but apparently I misjudged that. I ended up leaving my keys with my wallet attached in the ignition of the car overnight.


Day 6 - This was a surprising day for me. I got my period. I had none of the PMS symptoms that I usually have, so I didn't know it was coming. I had no cravings, wasn't bloated and I wasn't particularly moody. Perhaps this way of eating really is changing me for the better, in more areas than I had even hoped.


Day 7 - I woke up feeling emotionally drained. Our car battery was dead for the second day in a row (the trunk was open overnight this time) and that put me into a mood. I don't think it had anything to do with my diet, just a general note. Usually when I get that upset, I turn to the sweets. Not this time though. I wasn't going to eat my feelings.
In the afternoon, I went to a friend's place for a BBQ. Luckily she's a savory instead of sweet type of girl because there were no sweets to tempt me (except for the double chocolate cookies that I brought along - of course I did). It was actually the only meal that I ate that day (at 4pm). I had a burger and a hot dog (no buns), veggies and dip, and some caesar salad. BBQ season is actually super Keto-friendly and I look forward to the next one.


That is basically how the first week of my Keto Challenge went. I did end up drinking more than 2 coffees a day (3 per day after day 2), but other than that, I stayed pretty on point.
Also, this is the first Monday that I've worked out in a long time. Usually I binge so hard on junk food on the weekends, that I am too sick to workout on Monday morning. I'm loving not feeling like garbage all the time. The saying is all too true, eat like crap, feel like crap.


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